Monday, June 20, 2011

Why Is Andruw Jones Still A Yankee?


JM said...

But he sings a mean medley of 'Mystery Train' and 'Tiger Man'. It's on his 'Live at the International Hotel, Las Vegas' LP, before he got so fat.

Sean said...

I saw that play and started to cheer because I knew he'd be safe...then the camera panned and he was eating a donut in the batter's box. wtf?

Sean said...

Just saw this...I call shens

As it turned out, Jones rolled his left ankle on his swing, something he said he's done countless times during his career. He remained in the game until Brett Gardner took over as a defensive replacement in the seventh.

Said Jones: "I feel it, but we'll ice it, come back tomorrow, get some treatment on it and it should be fine."