Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yankeetorial: Ten Reasons Why Joe Girardi is doing a great job

A few bloggers and terrorists are ripping Joe "Taco Bell-Bring in the Closer" Girardi for his announcement that Derek "The Edge"Jeter will retrun to the top of the order, despite the hitting of Brett "No Endorsement" Gardner.

These people are fools.

10 Reasons why Joe has been a great manager this season

1. He somehow held the team together after losing six at home to Boston.

2. Before continuing, let us re-ponder the magnitude of No.1.

3. He's handled the pitching loads of Bartolo Colon and Freddie Garcia. Colon's injury was pre-destined. And he seems to have figured out/resurrected AJ Burnett.
4. Despite a huge number of injuries, he has yet to overuse anybody in the bullpen. He has done this with bailing twine castoffs and Triple A youngsters, and he has done this without a lefty specialist.

5. He has no choice but to put Jeter back at leadoff. He's an icon, chasing 3,000. You cannot show lack of confidence in such a player.

6. Last month, he sent a shot across the bow to Jorge Posada, and it was received. No problems with Posada since. He's adapted, making the most of chances, and it's hard to imagine Jorge having another blow-up this year.

7. He stuck with Cervelli through a tough period when everyone - me included - wanted Montero up from Scranton. Cervelli is struggling, but Jesus clearly needs the Triple A at bats. And we did not tank the team. 
8. He navigated Brett Gardner through a terrrible spring, and he may be doing it with Swisher now. Both players could have suffered lost seasons. Or worse (and Cashman needs a tip of the hat here) we could have traded them while at their lowest value.
9. He has kept the team afloat despite a near month of horrible clutch hitting, when we failed to drive in key runners in critical game situations. No manager can hit for his players.
10. There have been no substantial Arod controversies. That kind of silence doesn't just happen. It takes work.


David in Beantowne said...

My super eyedrops allow me to read El Duque's recent posts without eyestrain. Hope everybody else gets some.

Anonymous said...

I call hoax.
This is too rational to have been written by duque.