Monday, June 20, 2011

Arod was dating Cameron Diaz with a bad shoulder

He's denying it, but hell, that's like Moamar Gaddafi denying his collection of Rosemary Clooney videos. The truth is coming out in drips and drabs - (BTW: What is a drab? is it worse than a drip?)

Arod was romancing Cameron Diaz in pain. He was loving hurt, his bat speed was off, he was checking his swing, getting extra treatment in the clubhouse, spending extra time in the hottub.

No big deal. But I worry that she never had a chance to enjoy the Alex of 2002-20007, the MVP years, before the hip injury. That's a shame. You'd like to think that when one of us is dating a Tinsel Town sugarcookie, he's on his primo game. Who knows, maybe that Super Bowl appearance, where she was stuffing popcorn in his mouth, he couldn't feed himself? His shoulder was aching.

But at least the news is out: He was hurt. He can heal. He can return to the glory days, maybe even have a career year. Because Arod has one mission before he leaves the Yankees.

The Fever Pitch broad.

Only until Arod has romanced her and dumped her will the ghosts of 2004 be driven from our minds.


Anonymous said...

A drip is irrelevant because the term is "dribs and drabs."

Mike Piazza said...

Isn't Drew a switch hitter?