Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last night in Syracuse Greg Golson unleashed a throw from centerfield that cut down a runner at the plate in a banjo twang; he is on a hitting tear, and before we go trading for someone to replace Swish, we ought to give him a shot

Look, I aint sayin' this guy is an all-star, but his arm is a cannon -- that throw last September that basically saved our season was no fluke -- and he covers ground.

If Swish keeps failing, instead of barfing two or three prospects for some beer-league lump or an injury waiting-to-happen (talking to you, Mr. Beltran), we should seriously consider this guy.

Think of it: A 3-G network outfield - Gardner, Granderson and Golson - probably the best fielding outfield in baseball. Not many balls going to drop.

And while I have you, ponder all the great plays this season made by Gardner and Granderson; now compare them with ones Swish didn't make.

Golson is 25. In 2004, he was a first-round pick.

Last year, in limited duty, he hit .261 for us (6 for 23.)

This year, in the last 10 games, he's hitting .361. Overall, he's at .279. No, he doesn't hit for power (3 HR). But if Golson could hit .250, with his incredible range and arm in RF, what an upgrade over Swisher (.220, no pop, no range, no arm.)

Listen: The hope is that Swisher starts hitting. But I'm running out of hope. If it doesn't happen soon, we have an upgrade at Scranton. We don't need another trade of Mark Melancon for Fat Elvis.


Joe De Pastry said...

Fat Elvis is batting .317 with 16 homers, but he can't throw like Golson. He can, however, throw better than Gardner, and he falls less than Swisher.

el duque said...

Which only makes the trade worse.

He did nothing for us.

David Ballela said...

It will be a 3G network

Alph the Seer said...

I always liked Golson. However, Swisher can pitch if needed.

JM said...

Dandruf Jones is the man! Don't you diss him! Damn.

He can still play center, too. With Swish in right. And Posada in left.

Yeah, man. Now we're talkin'.