Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The incredible Redsocks are a magical team of destiny

Face it. We're chasing the Wild Card.

The 1927 Redsocks are too powerful. They not only have the pitching, the hitting and the speed but, well, there's something about this team - the way they pull together, the way they help each other - they're a team of stars and yet -- they're just like you, and you, and YOU. 

Everybody knows it. They're a bunch of nice guys. Quality nice guys. You can see it in their eyes. They've experienced so much. They live - and they love - harder than other people.

No, we cannot beat these angry men. No, way. There are teams you can defeat, and then there are the 2011 Redsocks. They never quit. They never die. How would I describe them? Spunky? Yes. But not in the Lenn Sakata sense. No, they're spunky and strong. They're spunky, strong and effervescent. They're young, but they're also old. I don't know. Am I making sense? Because this Redsock team is so good that they don't make sense. Gee, I feel giddy just thinking about them. Frankly, we were lucky to just be swept and lose Joba. It could have been much worse. Wotta team.


nutballgazette said...

The Red Sox will win it, No question, This is as big as a lock as the 2010-2011 NBA Champion Miami Heat.

JM said...

The Sox are going all the way. And then they're going to have to explain to their father why they're pregnant.

hit four cycle said...

Even the wild card might be a stretch. When the Yanks invested so much into their reclamation projects this year(Prior and Millwood, Garcia and Colon), it was a stretch at best. With the added injuries of Jeet, Soriano (although he hasn't as of yet played up to his potential.) and Joba, things are not looking on the up and up.