Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jesus Needs To Rise

the above, unadulterated pic from Andrew Marchand's interview
below, an excerpt from Kevin Goldstein's column
In nearly any other system, Montero would be a big leaguer and multiple scouts who have seen Montero play during his disappointing .291/.336/.414 showing at Triple-A say that there is a frustration and lack of effort to his game this year, with one talent evaluator just coming out and saying, “He looks like a player who knows he’s stuck in Pennsylvania.”


AC5rules said...

The Yankees will crucify him before they call him up.

JM said...

They're doing the same great job managing him as they did Joba. Can you be a burnout before you're 25? Only in Yankfrustrationland.

But Cervelli is now a veteran, so you need guys like him. Can't hit, can't throw, but he has experience at the major league level.

Remember when the Yanks had this guy named Girardi catching and they pushed up some kid named Posada who took forever to become a decent catcher but they kept playing him until he was good enough that they could cut Girardi loose? That was the Yankees, wasn't it? It's so hazy now...