Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Open letter to Bud Selig: To realign baseball, it's time to consider the Dominican Summer League model

Dear Madam or Sir,

You've suggested a dramatic realignment of Major League Baseball -- eliminating the divisions and moving all teams into National and American leagues, so they can compete equally for post-season glory. Dammitall, it's your best idea since the one about decorating the bases with webs for one special summer weekend to promote the opening of Spider-Man 3. (Why won't those geezers accept change?) I can see why you're paid $16.5 million a year, more than Albert Pujols. Dammitall, you're thinking every minute of every day.

Realigning baseball is a long overdue move, like ending Medicare! And the recent red-hot rivalries between the Yanks-Cubs, Yanks-Reds and now Yanks-Brewers show how much the world needs the Yankees to move into the always-tough NL Central.

I know what you're thinking: But what about the other teams that only sell out stadiums when the Yankees come to town? Don't they deserve the Yankees, too? Once again, Mr. Bud, you show the pluck of a thinking man, who is also a statue.

The Yankees should be split into two teams, like in the Dominican Summer League, so they can play in both Central Divisions. At the end of the season, they should merge both to form an all-star Yankee team, which will compete in the playoffs.

If the Yankees win both AL and NL Central Divisions, they'll play a ceremonial exhibition series, with the all-star team moving into the next round.

Yanks-v-Royals! Yanks-v-CardinalsShould the Yanks play in every division? (Maybe that's what the Dominican Summer League should consider?) And how about putting Transformer icons on the bases? Has anybody thought of that?


Butt Selig said...

I've got a better idea.
Let's just have one big league: The MLB League. The Yankees would play one series in each of the other teams' stadiums every year. The top 16 teams get into the play-offs. To keep the playoffs from lasting too long, play a lot of day-night doubleheaders. Allow every play-off team to add 5 extra pitchers for the post-season to make the doubleheaders possible.

lackaperspective said...

You're in no position to suggest the end of Medicare as we know it, I would think.....

Anonymous said...