Saturday, June 25, 2011

Medical Updates and Questions

It doesn't matter what Phil's AA work amounted to unless he was throwing heat. I heard he wasn't. What have you heard?

Colon seems further ahead of Hughes on the " road back." That is good news. Although I worry that they are rushing him too quickly.

Eric Chavez is walking again. Soon, they will ask him to try on shoes.

Pedro Feliciano is still pretending that he won't need arm and shoulder replacement surgeries. Oh, that we would have left him a Met.

The Soriano head case was last seen gathering acorns beneath a coconut tree in Florida. Get it?

Derek is trying to use each of the 33 bathrooms in his new house before beginning the, " walk on the beach, " therapy for his calf. He'll still go to the all star game.

Damaso Marte has had a setback in his rehab, and is not expected to call until next summer.

Joba was last seen with his pitching arm in a sling, drinking lefty in a Nebraska bar. See you in 2013 Joba, and we can all wonder if you will qualify for the 6th or 7th inning job.

Only, by then, will there still be a need for a "bridge to Mariano?"


David Ballela said...

Glad you're back Alphonso. The fans were getting too complacent.

el duque said...

Man, that's some powerful reverse negative juju.

After reading that, I knew we would win today.

Good job.