Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yankee Minor League Report: Is the future Krum n' Kruml, or Kruml n' Krum?

Austin Krum, 25, is the centerfielder for the Scranton Wilkes Barre Wilkes Barons. He's quick, fast and is unfortunately, sort of hitting his age: .225.

Ray Kruml, 25, is the leadoff hitter for the Trenton Trentlotts, the Yankees Double A affiliate. He's quick, fast and battting .268.

No, they're not related.

I am not lying about this. Our future outfield could be "Krum n' Kruml," or "Kruml n' Krum." "The Krum Scrum." "Krum Again." "Kruml-Krum," or "Krum-Kruml." "The K-Team." "Krum-Krumly-Krum-Krumly-Krum-Krum-Krum-Cheroo." "Krum One and Krum Two." "The Krumsters." "Krum-Kruml-n-Granderkrum."

Dream on, Yankiverse. This is what sustains us in rebuilding years.

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