Monday, June 20, 2011

Traitors In Our Midst: Say It Ain't So, Suzyn

Ever notice how Suzie does these really warm and fuzzy pre-game interviews with opposing players and managers? Of course we all know about her Boston roots. Yesterday she wished a happy father's day to her dad in Boston. She also went on and on about how cute Alfonso Soriano and his boy were during the pre-game warm ups. Yeah, Alfonso must be a dynamite dad.  Then she went on to jinx the Yanks by saying how Sori "owns" CC. Seconds later Soriano homered. Both she and John (especially Suzy) were incensed that ARod was called safe because Starlin Castro did not have his foot on the bag on what should have been the usual "in the neighborhood" call. John was waxing poetic all game about how great Starlin is. Hey, if we want this kind of broadcasting we can listen to Buck and McCarver.


Hank Steinbrenner said...

That's the pic of Suzyn that my dad had hanging in his office

Wade Boggs said...

I have the same one too