Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yankees Save " Clean Throw" Ball For Nunez

Eduardo ( "Yip Arm" ) Nunez, the worst fielding shortstop the Yankees have ever had, and second only to Chuck Knoblach, the Yankees all time, all position Yipster, will be awarded a ball and a trophy ( see replica, on right ) if he ever cleanly gathers a ground ball and throws to first base in time for the out.

There are some major, negative indicators for this 24 year old wild card, who is presently boasting a .467 EEP.

EEP is a new statistic which stands for: Everyday Error Percentage.

It is the fielder's equivalent of OBP, which is the new tell-all of baseball statistics. At this .467 level, Nunez creates an error nearly every other game he plays.

Said another way; Nunez,, the key chip in the trade we could not make for Cliff Lee, is the worst fielder in the history of the Yankees. Even that one-armed guy who played in the 1940's ( or some century ) was better.

Said yet another way; this is not Derek Jeter's replacement unless we never want to win anything, ever again.

Not only that; Nunez can't hit. I think he is at the .230 level, at the end of today's 0-3. So, after a solid trial, we have learned that Kei Igawa would have done at least as well filling in for DJ.

Can you believe it? Our infield defense and offense will vastly improve when the 37 year old returns.

And the next time Nunez's name comes up as a "deal breaker " in a possible trade....... send him with bells and whistles. I pledge to send a bottle of Crown Royal Black to seal any such deal.

By the way, if Ramiro Pena could hit above .138, he'd be the better choice for a position player on the Yankees, despite his 3 errors the other day.

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