Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Is This really Happening?

1. AJ pitches about as well as ever and we lose.

2. Bases loaded, no out in the first inning, and we can't score.

3. A-Rod is reverting to his non-clutch years which occurred before that one series win over the Phillies.

4. Most of our line-up is hitting about .215-.250.

5. Now Derek is out of the line-up for a while. Looks like he won't reach 3000 hits until August.

6. Jesus can't possibly be a worse catcher than Cervelli.

7. The thee B's, based upon performance, are now officially the two B's. The third B is simply tall.

Will somebody please turn out the lights?


el duque said...

I keep thinking it can't get worse. Then Jeter gets hurt.

Jesus Montero hit an opposite field HR last night in Syracuse. It was a bomb. His first time up, he popped to the catcher on a 3-2 count.

Next time, bam.

Next time, hard single.

Next time, hard shot, he was robbed by an infielder.

Considering the Yankees' malaise, especially with Martin's back being so touchy, I cannot fathom why they would be keeping Montero in the minors much longer. If there was ever a time for him to be brought up, it is now.

Joe De Pastry said...

If the Great Leader were still alive, Jesus would be in the starting line-up, batting sixth, tonight.

David Ballela said...

he'll just suck and then ruin his trade value. bring up romine instead

alphonso said...

It is getting worse each day.

I am waiting for A-Rod's hip to go. out on him.

And Jorge ( pleas , please ) has to pull something if he runs to any base.

But Joe wants to give the old guys a chance to win now.

Until they are all in the hospital.