Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yankees to Farm System: Drop Dead

Instead of giving David Phelps the shot Thursday, they signed Brian Gordon from Philadelphia's system and will start him.

Phelps has had a great year at Scranton. He's young. He's developing. What does he need to do to ever get a chance? Get traded?

Listen: I'm not down on Cashman beating the bushes for talent. This guy Gordon has great numbers for Phily's Triple A team. But he's 33, a coverted outfielder. Obviously, when they pulled Phelps from Tuesday's start, they raised the kid's hopes. Will he ever believe them again?

And what about Hector Noesi?

Hate to say it, but it's a typical Yankee move from the 1980s: Disregard the numbers from your own organization and salivate over them when they involve players on other teams.


michael.forrest said...

Were you old enough to remember any Yankees moves from the 80's?

jimmie said...

was that a passive aggressive remark or just straight on aggressive?
nice blog mike.

lackaperspective said...

Why? Why not? Despite all the shit that you've been wringing your hands over, my friend, the Team has the second best record in the league. Go with the AAAA pitcher who gives you the best chance now, I say! And I don't often disagree with you, Duque, though that means absolutely nothing.....

"In nine starts with Lehigh Valley, he was 5-0 with a 1.23 ERA. He struck out 53 and walked five in 511/3 innings. His overall ERA of 1.14 was the best in the International League."

Read more: http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/phillies/123895499.html#ixzz1PL9VtLoA

el duque said...

I don't answer age questions.

Makes it hard to swallow the creamed corn.