Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jon Stewart disses the Yankees

In his latest tirade against Fox News, Jon Stewart took an offhanded shot at the Yankees that almost has me ready to go doorknocking on behalf of Sarah and Todd Palin.

He called Fox News, and I am holding my nose during the quotation process...  the "New England Patriots of lies."

He is a fool. 
For Fox News to be considered remotely credible as a lie-making machine, the network should be called "the New York Yankees of lies."

Is Jon Stewart saying Fox News has won the Lying Super Bowl 27 times?
Does Fox News get into the lying playoffs every year?
Does Fox News spare no expense to bring to its team the greatest liars in the world?
Is Fox News merely good at lying because it has Wayne Brady, or whatever the hell his name is, at quarterback?

Hell no.
Fox News should be the New York Yankees of lies. They're based in New York, damnit. They have Arod (Hannity) and Jeter (O'Reilly) -- and Yogi (Greta), and on retainer they have Sarah Palin (John Sterling.) with her home run calls (Drill, baby, drill.) They are run by a fat guy, Roger Ailes, (Hank Steinbrenner.)

Let's get this straight, once and for all:

Fox News is the New York Yankees of lies.

Or the Washington Nationals of truth.


Anonymous said...

ugh more liberal claptrap. and it's not even funny.

Anonymous said...

Fox News is the Patriots of lies because they cheated and lied about it, thus the joke

LEi Mobile said...

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