Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Boston to world: Bow before Super Coby

Has Coby-El silenced IT IS HIGH?
Yes, say Boston Globe's experts, Bunky Anvilface and Humptford E. Dumpty.
They say Coby is struttin' his Ellsberries to the world.

Five things we will not be silent about,
when it comes to  Jacoby Ellsbury

1. He looks like Sarah Silverman.
2. If he coughs hard, he'll crack his ribs.
3. He only looks tall when next to Pedroia.
4. He has dainty feet.
5. Last we looked, Cooperstown-watchers, it was still June.

1 comment:

Sarah Silverman said...

el douche,
have you never noticed my natural boobs?