Thursday, June 30, 2011

And Mitre, too!.... 6.30.11: A nearly perfect Yankee day

Let us count the reasons...

1. We beat Milwaukee, 14th win in 18 games.

2. Boston loses to Phily in Supermega Series of Champions.

3. Phil Hughes shows signs of old form in Trenton rehab.

4. Bartolo returning.

5. Russell Martin busts out.

6. Jeet running the bases!

7. Jorge alive and adjusted to DH role.

8. AJ Burnett pitching to form.

9. CC going today for sweep.

10. Mariano now 12th in all-time games pitched.

11. Manny Baneulos and Dellin Betances named to Eastern League All-Star game.

12. Gary Sanchez, deep in minors, hits 2nd home run in three games.

13. In Gulf Coast Rookie League, next superstar Yankee shortstop (spoiler alert) Claudio "Clean-up Man" Custodio, now batting .450.

14. Redsocks so desperate they tried Big Papi at firstbase.

15. Papi went 0-4... now 0 for last 16.

16. Peter Gammons says John Lackey may be heading for Tommy John surgery.

17. Yankees re-sign Sergio Mitre!


JM said...

We coulda had Pavano.

Duabe said...

Oooh I have that album!! (Yes, I'm THAT old.)

Let's all sing "White Bird" now!

Swishalicious said...

Why is Lackey having surgery good for the Yankees? I much prefer seeing him pitch than Lester, Buchholz or douchebag