Monday, May 4, 2015

Evil Empire Prevails


SanJoseKid said...

Perhaps I am blinded by loyalty to a team, but didn't the Red Sox plunk numerous Yankees over the last two years with impunity? I recall several games where one expected Girardi to retaliate by drilling a Red Sox player, and instead Joe turned the other cheek. There must be statistics on HBPs, and I will wager that more Yankees were knocked down than Red Sox over the last three seasons. A nail biter, but sweet that Ellsbury is showing up his former team, and that Miller got the job done (just barely). Best of all- Big Sloppy chokes with victory within his grasp.

jdrny said...

Yes. A nail biter
Girard made it close by leaving in a struggling pitcher an inning too long. Again.
Papi and Ramirez are crybabies.