Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Times' Tyler Kepner Politely Tells Gammonites To Go Fuck Themselves

"Fenway Park sits on Yawkey Way, so named for Thomas Yawkey, the Hall of Famer who owned the Red Sox from 1933 to 1976. Yawkey did a lot of good things, but he also presided over the last major league team to integrate — and he refused to add Mays to his roster.
"Mays was 17 in 1949 and playing for the Birmingham Black Barons. The scout George Digby, who would later sign Wade Boggs for the Red Sox, recommended that the team sign Mays, 
"Digby, who died last year, told the story to the writer Gordon Edes in 2005...“Cronin sent another scout down to look at him, but Yawkey and Cronin already had made up their minds they weren’t going to take any black players.” 
"Which is worse: taking illegal drugs to play better, or trying to hold back an entire race of people from playing in the major leagues? If you think steroids mutated the record books, what about the impact of the racial barrier that Yawkey and other Hall of Fame executives never had the courage to break down?"

And can we please throw that racist prick Ty Cobb out of the Hall now? 


Rufus T. Firefly said...

Typical RS fan + Racist townie asshole.

Not all of them, but more but a large portion.

Yawkey played to his base.

The worst part of it...

Ken of Brooklyn said...

Amen John, AMEN!

Leinstery said...

Throw Ty out because he was racist? That's just stupid. With that Social Justice nonsense we should throw Dimaggio out for being a wife beater. And in 30 years we should throw Babe out because he smoked tobacco.