Friday, April 1, 2016

A Creative Thought

Just had my second tequila shot of the day ( yes, with a lemon wedge ), and it dawned on me;

The Yankees should convert Slade Heathcott to a pitcher.


1.  He can't hit major league pitching

2.  He won't constantly be injured by running into walls, diving into the turf, etc.

3.  He has a gun of an arm.

4.  Most of our relievers are either injured or incarcerated ( by MLB ).

5.  Three guys (at least) on our pitching roster are people no one has ever heard of, and came off of     someone else's scrap heap.

6.  It will create interest.  Give fans a reason to tune in.

7.  Babe Ruth started as a pitcher.  So Slade goes the other way.

8.  It shows that the Yankees will do anything to win ( translation:  get back to the one-game play-in).

9.  Shot of the day #3 is just 1.5 hours away.

I'll have more creative ideas after that one.

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