Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How a tradition is born


Local Bargain Jerk said...

The problem I have with the "winners" of these John Oliver seats is that the rich folks sitting near them might very well be amused by the whole enterprise. These costumers seem harmless and almost charming in a sort of Disney way.

If I were to win those seats, I'd behave/dress as follows:

   1) I wouldn't shower and shave for 5 days before the game.

   2) I'd wear a wool ski cap during that entire time to prepare my hair. (See #4 below.)

   3) On the day itself, I would wear:

      a) Loud madras shorts.

      b) White belt and white open-toed sandals.

      c) Black polyester knee socks.

      d) A lime green tank top with "I Brake for Yard Sales" emblazoned on the front, and "Legends Club Member" on the back.

   4) Just before entering, I would pull off my ski cap to get the full Nick Nolte mug shot effect.

   5) I'd sit in my seat and, after EVERY pitch, would grouse:

      Fucking Yankees Fucking Management Fucking Sucks. Well, Lah-Dee-Dah. Where the Hell's the Waiter That Comes with These Fucking Seats? Garçon!

THIS might stand a chance of annoying the hoity-toity assholes AND Lonn Trost, which I thought was the objective of the entire exercise.

These cute little turtles and sharks are a little too precious to piss off those who need to be pissed off.

el duque said...

You're absolutely right. In fact, if this catches on, the Yankees will embrace it, and it will have absolutely the opposite impact of what Oliver intended. I can easily see people dressing up with elaborate - really expensive - costumes, further showing how rich they are to afford such seats. I thought Oliver would look for trouble-makers.

KD said...

If anyone remembers "Marlboro Man" from the old stadium, THAT is the kind of fan who needs to sit in those seats. Big, fat, ugly, loud, long greasy hair, jumping around playing flamboyant air guitar to the obnoxious rock music blaring from the PA. So I'm pretty much on the same page as LBJ here.

(He was a jumbotron staple in old yankee stadium, hamming it up to "Sand man" whenever Mo came in. I still saw him in the new stadium from time to time but he got the boot from his public appearances. The new stadium is far too fine a place for the likes of him, it seems.)

KD said...

You know, I think Yankees management got to Oliver. either that, or the guy is a small-balled hack. Those girls look cute and rich and the turtles looked like frat boys. They are the ivy league spawn of Legacy Club members. I really did have hope for this stunt. He is pissing off no one but true Yankees fans.

KD said...

and a PEACE sign? REALLY?! It should have been a middle finger.

(Too many comments today. crawling back under my rock now...)

Local Bargain Jerk said...

I had forgotten about the "Marlboro Man".

That's exactly what we need. The behavioral and sartorial equivalent of a beer and cabbage fart.

joe de pastry said...

I did not see them.
Be nice to them, they were just having fun.