Tuesday, April 5, 2016

OK, take two...

The gods place bets with loaded dice,
And all our earthly dreams betray,
But listen to one clown's advice,
Goodbye, cruel world; it’s opening day.

The politicians scrounge for power,
With consequences we shall pay.
But somewhere, it's our finest hour,
Goodbye, cruel world; it's opening day.

Our weary age is full of war,
The daily news brings dark dismay,
So surf the dreams worth living for,
Goodbye, cruel world; it’s opening day.


John M said...

Baseball was not meant to be played when it's 40 degrees and windy. Or in November.

This is crazy.

joe de pastry said...

I can't remember ever feeling less enthusiastic about Yankees' Opening Day.
I found myself rooting for Toronto the past two days . Not because I care about Toronto, but because I want to be sure the Red Sux don't win the East, and I "know" the Yankees can't.

KD said...

November baseball was a freak occurrence due to 9/11. Jeter become Mr. November, Remember? Now we will have November baseball every year. MLB needs to fix this.