Friday, April 1, 2016

Prediction Time; Weighing In

Apparently, tequila has calories.  So this " weighing in" request from our leader, El Duque, is problematic.  If I am to remain on my 3 shots per hour per day routine, I shall be required to buy a new wardrobe, or stop with the food part of my day.

On to the the Yankees;

My first conclusion was that the Yankees would wind up in third place in the AL East.  The reason has already been stated by our leader;  the team is mediocre.

 Mediocre is a "C" average in school.  Mediocre is third place in the AL East.  Mediocre is uninspiring and pretty much, " the same as everyone else." Mediocre is a failure to stand out.  Mediocre is, " getting by."  Mediocre is being one of the " also rans" that no one remembers when the real games begin.

Finishing the season, without distinction, without any meaningful games, is mediocre.

That was before the two injuries;

1.  Our ace relief pitcher ( now there remains one ) needs 4-6 weeks to heal properly, and another two weeks ( minimum ) of baseball exposure to be completely healthy.  Because the bone chip fracture is to his non-pitching hand, the Yankees ( and Murray ) will work out a series of flexible casts and wraps to shorten that time span.  It will be heroic.  And it could be monumentally stupid.

Do  you all remember how effective JPP was with his soft club hand?  For those non Giants' fans on this blog;  he was nearly useless, and comical.

At minimum, a soft cast will be a distraction.  At most, someone will have to cut his steak for him.  In either case, this is a significant loss.  Games we might have won (they will be hard to come by anyway,), will become losses.

2.  As I mentioned the other day, " Turf Toe" is an insidious injury for anyone who needs to use their feet for performance.  It destroyed many a season for many a tight end in the NFL.  A " third degree " turf toe injury ( it is the big toe we are discussing ....the only one that actually matters ), can be season ending...even in baseball.

And if you don't allow this to heal properly ( i.e. you mismanage it ) , it can become a recurring malady.  That is a career ender.  Mitchell should be put on the DL and remain on the shelf.  See you next year.  Sadly, this guy looked as though he was ready to make an impact.

Now the Yankees have to elevate the next, " no name," to the roster, and pretend we are a deep organization, " manning up."  The truth is, the next guy up will be another anonymous face on the bus.

Based upon these early injuries, and anticipating a season of additional mishaps with some of our veterans, and considering back-ups ( manning up )  like Aaron
Judge ( .068 ) and Sanchez ( .048 )  as depth, I revise my prediction to 4th place.

And please note; Ivan Nova, Michael Pineda, and CC Sabbaths will not be reliable, dominating starters.  Severino will set a record for losses for a starter with an ERA of under 2.50.  Eovaldi will give us close to 5 excellent innings every start, and leave, in the 6th with no outs,  4 runs down and runners on 1st and 3rd.

4th place it is.

 I just hope they sink fast so I do not even waste my time watching them.  On the other hand, what else will lull me to sleep on the couch so effectively?


John M said...

I read this post as if looking in a mirror. The level of agreement is shocking, including the tequila and the calorie problem therein.

Alphonso said...

Everyone has a twin.

Beana27 said...

Alphonso, chin up, I heard somewhere that lemon burns calories. Cheers.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

Severino will set a record for losses for a starter with an ERA of under 2.50.

This sentence actually made me shudder. Apparently, I can't handle the truth.