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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Bad Vibes

I have been around, though I have not been making public appearances,

Today is a must.

Gleyber Torres is on the 10 day DL with a hip flexor.  You could see it grab during his at bat in the 5th today.  To his credit, he informed the Yankees that his hip had tightened up on him, and he was removed from the game.  MRI shows ' mild strain," per Mr. Boone.

Sanchez is out until all star break is over.  Probably we can expect ( hope ) to see Torres back about the same time.

Romine was supposed to be day-to-day, and has now missed four straight.  Luckily, and to everyone's delight and amazement, the kid from Scranton is proving to be of major league quality.  If Romine is not in the line-up Friday, call the police.

And get ready for a lot of Neal Walker at second.  Or does Brandon Drury play there, too?  Doesn't seem to matter, as neither of them hit.  But Drury is, at least, 25.

Here is a better idea;  bring back Ronald Torreyes.  The best utility infielder in baseball is digging anthracite in Scranton.

And I don't want to hear any more rumors about Andujar having a wrist issue.  Just keep it to yourself.

The medical facility is already over-flowing.

The Yankees, young as they are, are breaking down.


Anonymous said...

What rumors about Andujar's wrist? You are the only person on the Internet who has mentioned it. If I'm wrong, please cite a source.

HoraceClarke66 said...

There have been rumors that his wrist is "barking."

Terrible, but again: maybe it will impress upon Mr. Cashman the idea that our players are not just so much Kandy Korn, to be swapped for some second-rate pitcher.

TheWinWarblist said...

Second Hand News

Vampifella said...

Second hand...wrist...I saw that! ;)

Either way, we have just about a complete second team in the reserves that could do well enough in the majors if push comes to shove. Yanks may sign another scrap heap catcher like Erik Kratz though, even if Higawhatever hits a dozen home runs in a row.

Alphonso said...

I heard of a possible wrist injury a few days back. However, he played, homered and appeared fine.

His absence from the line-up yesterday restarted the rumors.

Hopefully, just a " rest day" which Boone likes to allocate.

My concerns are slim, but lingering.

Anonymous said...

Alphonso -- you"heard" of a possible wrist injury. But from where? I can't find a source for this? You heard from some guy in a bar? Seriously--where did you hear this?