Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Lions Led By Donkeys

We haven't had one of these in awhile, and maybe it was bound to happen.

After all, we were playing an up-and-coming team with good pitching that was unfamiliar to us.

But I have to say, much as we used to complain about Joey Binders, it was rare that he turned in a performance so lunkheaded as the one we saw tonight.

I'm sorry, but why is it that we found the need to once again separate our two best power hitters with our .256-hitting shortstop?

Why is it that our best and hottest hitter this season was—yet again!—batting ninth? While the concussed guy with the bad leg led off?

Were we scoring too many runs against Boston? Was that the trouble? Games running too late for the kiddies' bedtimes?

Of course, it also took considerable time to run up those 12 men LOB (along with two double-plays).

You all know that I love me some Ma Boone, but this was ridiculous, beginning with the lineup. We can't have at least a good faith effort to try to maximize the number of guys on base before our power hitters, and then run them up there one after another? No?

Also, when was the last time we put on a play of any kind? Started the runner? Actually stole a base?

Of course, pineapples like tonight's aren't produced solely by Ma.

Sure, he managed to get two, critical, late-game outs from our insouciant shortstop.

But then we also had to endure key, pinch-hit at-bats from Neil Walker AND Austin Romine. Sure a good thing we didn't have Clint Frazier on the bench for those. And the reason for bringing Brandon Drury up was...what, exactly? To catch the July Fourth fireworks?

The headline was something they used to say about the British army, that they were lions led by donkeys. I think the last is a very polite word for the people who run this team.


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Last night's performance was despicable.

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With all due respects to Didi.