Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sunny Grey

We have all been mis-spelling his name.

Spelled correctly ( see above ), it is a contradiction.

It can't be sunny out and grey and the same moment.

You can get one, but not the other.

I found a Sunny Grey symbol in my great grandmother's storage unit in Garfield, New Jersey.

Here is a photo:

It is what we all feel.  Acquiring Sunny was a " hold up ," and our hands are frozen in the, " I am cornered,  you got me, " position.

Hand's up means, " The jig is up.  Give up . Yield. Don't move ."

Sunny is just what Duque suggested;  clear evidence why Cashman would not be able to acquire a healthy, reliable, productive starting pitcher from another team, no matter what he gives up.

To have a future, one has to develop from within and stay/get lucky.  And this includes the pitching side. Better a shot for Chance Adams than to give up any of the names being bandied about.

We cannot allow the Yankees to get robbed.  Again.

I give Brian permission to spend money, but not assets.  If some team tries to hold us up for prospects, only offer money.  Boatloads of it.  At some point, money will talk.

No team in the world is going to give up, say, their version of Severino.  Someone young, reaching toward stardom.  Reaching toward excellence.

What they will give up is Pineda and Grey.  And then they rob you.  Smiling behind closed doors.

To participate in a trade is to give up.  It is having your pants removed in the schoolyard by the local bullies.

Give them your money and walk away healthy.

All they can buy with money is ice cream sandwiches.


Ken of Brooklyn said...

Amen Alphonso, AMEN!

Vampifella said...

It could be worse, look at Jaime Garcia's stats with Toronto right now. 2-6, 6.16 ERA, -0.7 WAR and on the disabled list. But then again they'll probably end up trading him for a pair of future HOFers and end up looking brilliant where we would have resigned him to a big $60 million 4 year contract and regretted every year of it.

TheWinWarblist said...

So endeth the JuJu.

TheWinWarblist said...

And what sort of monster names their child "Sonny?"

John M said...

Vampifella...and this is why we should have Garcia instead of Sonny Boy. Garcia may be terrible, but he's injured. Gray continues to be trotted out, over and over again, because he's not injured.

As WinWarblist has pointed out, a simple truck door slam can change that.

ranger_lp said...

I'm sure Gary Sanchez has a name on one of those ice cream sandwiches. At least one.

Anonymous said...

That's a really cool chair. I've seen hat racks with a seat. Maybe it is one of those. Interesting piece of furniture though. Your Grandmother had eclectic taste.

Doug K.

skip said...

During last night's debacle I did some research.
I have never paid much attention to the option rules.
For those of you that don't know them they are pretty simple:
1. once a player is called up he has 3 option years
he can be optioned as many time as the team wants, and it counts as 1 year.
2. once a player has 5 service years he can be optioned, but he has to agree to it.

Then I went digging to see what I could find on Grey.
according to
he has 4.061 service years with 2 options left.

What are they waiting for? Send him down!!

ranger_lp said...

@skip..Yes they have two options...send Sonny down to AAA or send Sonny down to AAA. Trying to figure out which one to choose...