Sunday, July 8, 2018

Today, Clint Frazier may get his last best shot as a Yankee

Aaron Hicks - aka: "the Incredible Human Gonad Tweak' - left yesterday's game with "a tightness," which on the Nick Johnson Injury Scale falls between a "spasm" and "early onset male menopause." In the great history of Hicks - aka: "the third Yankee Aaron" - such a diagnosis generally means missing a month to six weeks, and then a prolonged slump. These tweaks always happen just as Hicks seems on the verge of breakout stardom - he'd hit five HRs in six games - so, there you have it. Another one bites the dust. 

The Yankees are listing Hicks as "day to day." That's great, if it's true. Trouble is, when it comes to injuries, the front office is about as forthcoming as North Korea. Even a weak tweak, a meek tweak, means a week. 

Which brings us to Hicks' replacement, Mr. Clint Frazier. 

In her pre-game show yesterday, Suzyn noted that the Gammonites of Toronto were telling her the Blue Jays want Frazier for JA Happ, the 34-year-old, rapidly rusting tin can. She called it a deal she would not make, and this was before Happ unleashed a dynamic, three-inning impersonation of Chasen Shreve. If the Yankees trade Frazier for Happ, Suzyn will not be happy. (And keep in mind, that whenever John talks about managing - THE MASTER MUST MANAGE A GAME SOMEDAY - he suggests that Suzyn would be his GM.)

But now, it's up to Frazier, who didn't do himself any favors yesterday by grounding out with the bases loaded in the eighth. Thus far this season, he has 7 hits in 22 at bats, with no home runs and one RBI. He'll almost surely play today and in at least one game of tomorrow's doubleheader. The Blue Jays will start a rookie LH in his third MLB game... a pitcher with the same basic resume as Frazier. 

If he gets a few hits, yes, it will increase his trade value. But it will also rouse perceptions across the Yankiverse - and in the broadcast booth - that Frazier is something special and better not be dealt for a rented bag of fleas. Those expectations was raised by the Yankees themselves, who have put him on a pedestal since he came over from the Indians two years ago. All season, we have talked about Yankee depth in the farm system. Now, we unwrap the presents and see what's there. 


Local Bargain Jerk said...

I posted my comments on Frazier on another thread a few moments ago, so I'll just add a minor historical footnote here: Today's game is the one that the Yankees threatened to protest had ESPN insisted on moving it to be the Sunday night game. I think we're all glad it's a day game.

In addition, given Hicks' status, we may get to see how Frazier performs under the klieg lights 3 times in 24 hours.

Now's the time, young Mr. Clint.

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

I made the mistake of taking in my morning drink just before reading about the Nick Johnson Injury Scale. Now there is liquid (and heaven knows what else) all over my desk, computer, etc.

Request: Please post an alert next time one sentence before you venture into similar (wonderful) territory!

TheWinWarblist said...

Yes, t'is true. The congregation needs trigger warnings.

So endeth the JuJu.

TheWinWarblist said...


13bit said...

Rented bags of fleas have no champion to defend them in the world of public opinion. Cashman is gripping his groin with both hands and silently screaming “please somebody stop me from making this trade!!!”

HoraceClarke66 said...

Joe FOB, weirdly enough, the injuries may save us.

Really, who else are we going to put in the outfield if we trade Frazier now, what with Hicks about to disappear again, and Gardy hurting?

Billy McKinney? Tyler Austin? Jacoby Ellsbury??? I know, I know, try to stop laughing.

We have nothing we can spare, and there is nothing to trade for, unless the Mets really are serious about dealing Legroom deGrom or Tampa wants to give us Blake Snell. They don't, so we may—just may—be safe.

John M said...

Eovaldi is or should be the target, if we need to make a trade at all, which I don't think we have to do. Boone said Frazier is an important part of our team's future the other day. Hopefully, he was telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

Eovaldi? This demonstrates that some Yankee fans have no learning curve. Why not bring back Jaime Garcia too?

Anonymous said...

To see a world in a grain of sand, or a career in one game.