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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Who Contributed?

Everybody contributed, in today's weird but fascinating little win. Sure, it was far from baseball at its prettiest, but there were all sorts of unexpected signs of life from many we had long left for dead.

Who contributed?

Hicks contributed, with yet another home run and two walks, making him our hottest hitter.

Who contributed?

Giancarlo contributed, not only with that clinching, two-run pop fly in the ninth, but a very good catch at the wall.

Who contributed?

Aaron Judge contributed, on the bases.  Not only stealing them, but beating out the grounder that kept the ninth alive and made Stanton's homer possible.

Who contributed?

Gardner contributed, stealing that run on the wild pitch.

Who contributed?

A.J. Cole, just back from the DL...who once again looked unhittable.

Who contributed?

Kyle Higashioka!  With his second home run in three games against a quality pitcher, and a key walk.

Who contributed?

Why even Brandon Drury, awful though he has been, drawing a bases loaded walk for another needed run.

Who contributed?

Chasen Shreve.  CHASEN SHREVE!! With a terrific relief appearance. I can't believe I am even typing these word.

Who contributed?

Didi contributed, not with his worm-eaten bat, of course, but some nifty fielding.

Who contributed?

Not Neil Walker. Once again, 0-3, dropping to 1 for his last 32, and .185 on the season.  Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Is it me or does Neal Walker look like Buster Bluth? Same expression when up at bat. Look for it next time. although we all hope there isn't a next time.

Doug K.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Yeah, there is a resemblance. I just wish he would make like Buster Brown, and go live in a shoe with his dog Tye (not Cobb).

manx said...

I enjoyed having Archbishop Cardinal Dolan in the Sunoco Broadcast Booth in the 3rd inning. Bring him in more. Heck it could be a spiritual uplifting to win it all.

TheWinWarblist said...

Yes, of course, nothing like chatting it up with a cappo of a worldwide criminal conspiracy of child molesters.

JJ in MA said...

Agreed with The Warblist. Also, did anyone else notice Paulie's visibly uncomfortable body language while Dolan was there?

HoraceClarke66 said...

Now, now! Religious tolerance on the Fourth of July, please!

Some of the finest people I know—and a bunch of my relatives—are Catholics.

Vampifella said...

Reminds me of that game a month or so ago where everybody contributed (and got a run) outside of Sánchez. Feels good to see that although I felt they were going to blow it towards the end. The Braves are legit and should become a serious threat like Houston in the years to come.

So far the Yanks are doing way better than I had expected a month ago against three of the hardest teams around. But then again I knew this would happen as soon as they lost so terribly against the Rays. It's rare for the Yanks to tank against good teams after doing so badly against one of the worse. It's strange but that's how they work.

Either way for the next 2 months it should be smooth sailing as they have a pretty easy schedule! Facing the Red Sox only for 4 games and maybe the Indians could give them trouble for 4 more games. The rest are against teams that are already out of contention and have nothing to play for other than to try tank the most for the best draft pick. Go Yanks!