Wednesday, May 18, 2022

A Lose/Lose

As long as we’re piling on…

The last two posts, one by El Duque and one by JM, point out that there be some rough waters ahead.  

Chapman cannot remain the closer. On that we’re all agreed. For the record, trade him for ANYTHING. It would be great to get some decent minor leaguers for this “top closer”, but the truth is, he is Sanchizian. Addition by subtraction.  

Brain – Do it today!

As to the schedule… Yes, June is going to be a bitch but if you are the best team then you beat the better competition. It is a Crucible as JM points out. It’s also a gauntlet, and a freshman paddle hazing, a voting line in GA, and what’s it’s like talking about important things with my ex.

Sadly, we’ve got bigger problems.  

Not just Joey Gallo (And may I add to the chorus of praise in recognition of the Duque line, “Joey Gallo approaches like a sanitation worker creeping up on a talking turd”)

That's some great imagery right there. 

Not even Aaron Hicks. Although you’d think that having 2/3 of your outfield be, for the most part, worthless is both a short and long-term issue. The problem is the other outfielder... 

Our Lose/Lose is Aaron Judge. 

MVP candidate. Home grown hero. Heir apparent to Derek Jeter. Beloved by all.

Here’s why...

Judge is having one of those special years that will enter Yankee lore and we should all thoroughly enjoy it. He's been nothing short of magnificent!  

It’s not a good thing.

If the Yankees are not planning on signing him, they should trade him. We missed out on a windfall for Cano if you recall.

But you can’t trade your superstar during a career year when the team is one of the best in baseball and a championship seems doable.

That’s a Lose.

So, he stays. Finishes the year. Wins the MVP. Maybe we win the Series. More likely we don't. He becomes a free agent. He signs with the Mets, or anyone really, and we get nothing for him.

That’s a Lose

He Stays. He Signs With Us.

We overpay in money and years. Money is a problem because… Hal and the budget we shouldn’t actually have. We lose flexibility going forward. The number of years is a problem as well. He’s heathy right now but let’s face it we still wince when he plays full out.

That’s a Lose.

I guess the best scenario is we win the Series because… duh. And then we sign him.  The worst is we don’t win, and we don’t trade him, and he signs with the Mets.

Like I said above... just piling on.  


JM said...

I think Hal and Cashmachine have to sign Judge. Last I saw, talks were "ongoing," but we heard that about Ukraine and Russia a while back, too.

So they'll pay him a boatload, which will mean less to spend on other players (because, you know, the, luxury tax). Making that long-term Hicks contract look particularly pathetic, but, on the good side, might mean we part ways with Joey "Bug Eyes" Gallo. I hear Gardy is available.

The other good side is, that might mean we definitely split with Chappie, if we don't do it sooner.

We may never see The Bicep behind the plate, so that might be a position that needs someone besides Higgy and Lee Trevino. And that was a one-year deal with Donaldson, wasn't it? Do we just put DJ there permanently? That wouldn't be bad, his current slump aside.

But if we do sign Judge, that means we'll have two outfielders who, together, make $60 million or more per year forever.

Yeah, this oughta be fun.

JM said...

And Ralph Kiner-Falafel isn't perfect, but I can live with him. What the hell.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Crap, sorry, Doug, didn't mean to cramp you there.

But yeah, good points. And I think what HAL and the Brain now HAVE to do is just completely prostrate themselves before Judge's agent, and give him what he wants. They know they've screwed it.

What I imagine they ARE doing is praying he gets hurt. Oy.

Alphonso said...

I have the answer.

Play out this season ( no choice).

Take whatever Judge gives ( hopefully, his best career year).

Let him walk.

His next contract will be long, expensive and less fruitful.

We have Jessica, don't forget. Better than Mantle.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

The renewal of Judge's contract is a situation fraught with peril.  We need to approach it with great caution, like a sanitation worker creeping up on a talking turd.

(Ok, I have no real insights on Judge's contract.  Yet.  For now, I just wanted to use that killer line again.)

Carl J. Weitz said...

After the season push hard with the Nationals to trade for Soto but only if he agrees to sign long term. Soto is 8 years younger than Judge so his upside in health and production is way more than Judge. Let Judge walk for a lot more if someone is foolish enough to pay him more than 5-6 years and more than, say, 33 million.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Carl Weitz, where have you been??? Jim Bowden has already told us that Soto is being traded to the Yankees on 12/29/22. And of course, when Jim Bowden talks, E.F. Hutton listens.

HoraceClarke66 said...

I doubt if Judge will ever be any better, either.

BUT...look at Reggie Jackson. In 1977, 32 homers, .925 OPS, and that World Series. Serious drop off the next season (though with many distractions.


1979: .926 OPS
1980: .995 OPS, .300 BA, league-leading 41 HRs
1982: .907 OPS with Angels, league-leading 39 HRs.

Sure, I doubt if Judge will be worth that much every year of an 8-10 contract.

But what if he's "only" good enough to put us over the top for a ring 3-4 years? I would take that.

Dantes said...

Carl Weitz, which of the Yankee magic beans do you think the Nats would take for Soto? You could offer the whole top 10 and it wouldn’t move the needle. Dominguez is a .250 hitter in his second time around high a and Volpe is looking like the clock struck midnight