Thursday, May 19, 2022

When Chekov Said It Would Be A dark Winter ......

 ...he might have foreseen this late spring day in Baltimore. 

I have been publicly removed and silent for some time now.  Corresponding with the historic start of this surprising Yankee team. 

Bt today I saw the beginning of something heavy and grim.  

The yankees could not hold on to a lead or a tie with the Orioles.  And it didn't matter who was utilized.  A leak in the dam appeared and widened the innings wore on. 

Aaron Hicks extended his batting streak to 4 hits in his last 46 ( maybe 47 ) at bats.  His last at bat was with the bases loaded, and on a 3-2 count he lurched at ball four in a wild attempt to get a big hit. A walk drives in a key run.  Instead, he struck out.  Another non -productive at bat which will diminish the laudable "on base percentage" El Duque flashed at you in his rant, above. 

Castro was let go by the Mets because of control problems.  With the Yankees, his control has. been excellent, and he has been " lights out effective."  On this day, however, with the Yanks trying to sneak away with another one run win, he walked the first batter he faced.  It was a clear sign to Boone to get him out of there.  He didn't. And it cost us the lead. 

Chad Green, soon after,  left the game with a strange feeling in his forearm. Think that is just a mosquito bite?

Rizzo was thrown out for challenging a pitch about which we don't think he said one word. But once an umpire ejects someone, they stay ejected. 

That forced Boone to use Gonzalez at first base.  This guy is a really useful utility player.  And has come through on many occasions lately.  When he got to bat he fouled a ball wide of first base.  Video replay showed the ball did not ricochet off his leg, even though he flinched and grabbed behind his knee, as though it had.  He remained at bat but took a strike three that just looked too good for him to miss.  Unless he was pre-occupied with pain somewhere.  Watch for trouble here. 

In a 6-6 moment, as the bottom of the ninth opened, Boone did not do what he had previously done.  In an away game tie, he had used Chapman to pitch the 9th.  This time he went to Leutge, who had not pitched in about 8-10  days.  Has the trust in Chappy fallen that low?  Leutge low?

Needless to say, Leutge failed and we limped away.  Patting ourselves on the back that we won our " 9th series in a row ."

So mistakes were made by players, by the coaches, by the pitchers, and a bunch of  injuries have struck like sleet on the windshield. 

It is still May.  But beginning to feel like December. 



Carl J. Weitz said... much as Booney-Boy is a grossly deficient manager, you can't blame him for leaving Castro in to pitch after walking the leadoff hitter. You forget, under MLB's new anti common sense rules, a pitcher must face a minimum of 3 hitters.

BTR999 said...

Forearm tightness in pitchers generally indicates elbow issues, frequently (though not always) a precursor to TJ surgery which means see you in 2024. Or in this case, goodbye, Chad.

Did you hear Cam Maybin call out Hicks for his lazy throw that led to an Orioles score? It’s about as strong as they ever get on YES. So, Hicks - can’t hit, cant play the field, only on the team because we owe him YEARS on his contract. I’ve no idea what that idiot Cassman was thinking when he extended him.

I think his brains came out with his hair.

Carl J. Weitz said...

Bornto....I can hardly watch the game when Maybin and Beltran are doing the color. They're both horrible albeit Maybin might have a better upside with experience. But he needs to stop being so verbose as that's what leads to many of his errors.
In any event, I heard his critique of Hicks' throw and it didn't sound like a knock against him at all. It sounded more like an excuse. He said that although Hicks wanted to get under the ball and into the throw, he could not. Therefore, he couldn't get as much as he wanted to on the throw into second.

BTR999 said...

Hi Carl, I agree with you about Maybin and Beltran, especially Beltran. Seems like he’d rather be doing something else, like managing?

Maybin did criticize Hick’s “lack of urgency” and said he took “a little bit of time with the exchange”. Mild criticism, sure, but I felt it was harsh by YES’s usual convivial standard.

But my real concern is the deteriorating level of Hick’s play and the fact that he is under contract through 2025, which means we may have to endure him for quite some time.

edb said...

The Yankees certainly have warts. The manager makes a lot of mistakes. Gallo and Hicks absolutely stink. Higgy frames pitches and not a whole lot more. His arm is not great and he cannot hit. And, I will see if I taught you well, who is the architect of The Yankees Team? No other than the Genius. The Yankees have been off to a great start. How many of you believe the Yankees will barrel through the AL to The World Series? Not unless the weaknesses are fixed.

AboveAverage said...

It will be a year of beauty

Publius said...

Gallo, Hicks and the cathcher are zeroes offensively (spare me walk-talk, it sounds like Mom happy talking her light hitting little leaguer). After King and Holmes, the bullpen is shaky at best. This is not a 100 win team. .500 the rest of gets them in playoffs. Slightly better wins division. This run was nice, but they'll be back to earth soon.

The Archangel said...

How much worse can Florial be?

Looks like some injuries occurred yesterday.
Thank you Juju teaser El Duque; This crash and burn is on you.

"I'm learning to fly,
But I ain't got wings,
Coming down is the hardest thing."
NY Yanks circa 2022

Alphonso said...

Carl...Thanks for that reminder. As an old alcoholic, I totally forgot that rule about " must face three."