Monday, May 2, 2022

Robbie released

 He coulda been a lifetime Yankee.


ZacharyA said...

At the end of the 2017 season, Robbie looked like he was headed to Cooperstown.

Without the suspensions, he would've crossed the 3,000 hits threshold and probably set the home run record for a second baseman.

Very sad how the end of his career played out.

DickAllen said...

Except he listened to Big Papi's sage advice, took the money and the roids, and was never heard from again.

Too bad. Probably a nice dumb kid. Make that a nice dumb RICH kid.

Same old story. He chose money over legacy.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Yep. Really a shame.

And sure, it was the right decision to not re-sign. BUT, as usual, Brian Cashman did nothing to plan for this.

A good GM would've made a determination sometime in Robbie's last Yankees season—2013—if he would re-sign Cano or not. Deciding no, he would've shipped him off to a real contender, probably for A LOT in the way of future prospects and even useful major leaguers.

Instead, going by the HAL/Coops plan, it was more important to keep Robbie around, so the team could maximize money by making another Wild Card run. As it was, they missed that spot by 7 games, and Robbie skipped for nothing. And we got two years of Brian Roberts and Stephen Drew.

Great work!

DickAllen said...

I feel nothing but sadness for him.

He took advice (and those nasty lambchop sideburns) from that fat, roid-sucking scumbag (who somehow never got outed), and I believe it ruined a "monumental" career.

Someday, maybe in his 60s, when Robbie is rolling around in his wealth, he will look back at what might have been and become filled with regret.

His was a HOF-trajectory career that came crashing down to earth and here we are witnessing a truly gifted ballplayer getting unceremoniously kicked to the curb.

It wouldn't surprise me to learn that the fat fuck from the Sux had ulterior motives in wishing to stick it to the Yankees. But sending Robbie to the American baseball equivalent of Siberia? Reprehensible.

Truly a sad story.

Doug K. said...

From an earlier thread

Cano go - Robbie Cano was just released by the Mets with 2 Year and 40 Mil left on the contract.

a) Given his injuries and TWO PED suspensions plus thee early release I'd say Cashman made the right move in not signing him.

b) Love how the Mets cut bait on a bad /unproductive player and just sucked it up and took the cash hit. Too bad we don't have an owner who cares more about winning than $$$$.

Wouldn't it be great if Cashman just admitted that he was wrong about Gallo and let AnDUjar play in his place?

DickAllen said...

Seriously, Doug?

The Intern admit he was/is wrong? Never gonna happen.


BTR999 said...

Can’t see a role for Cano on our team with the current roster. He’s a DH type on a team full of them. He’s 39, coming off 2 suspensions…it’s over.

ZacharyA said...

Robinson Cano (age 39) .195/.233/.268
Joey Gallo (age 28) .180/.275/.295

Can we get Joey some PEDs, please?

Celerino Sanchez said...

The post has a story about some women playing in the Atlantic League. Lifetime she is 2/26 with 18ks. I thought those are Joey Gallo numbers. Sign her up for the Tampa Tampons.

Doug K. said...


Sure they have similar stats but the injured Joey Gallo has failed to learn the most important lesson of Cano's longevity... NEVER run out a hit.

Kevin said...

I find it infuriating the way that MLB has protected the Fat Fuck from The Sux over the years. And yeah, I've always had the suspicion that he turned Cano onto the 'roids, not that it wouldn't have happened anyway. While I'm ranting, I'm starting to wonder if (I Really hate saying this) busting it down the line is really worth it, except in really important situations. There are a lot of injuries incurred at first base from pulled hammies to broken ankles. Just sayin'. As for The Brain, maybe he thought that Cano would re-sign. Nah, he still could have traded for prospects and re-signed him (theoretically) after the season.

Carl J. Weitz said...
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Carl J. Weitz said...
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Carl J. Weitz said...

In 2009, the NY Times claimed that Ortiz had tested positively for banned substances along with his teammate Manny Ramirez. Here is his own quote on the matter:

After the game, he issued a statement confirming the report: “One, I have already contacted the players association to confirm if this report is true. I have just been told that the report is true. Based on the way I have lived my life, I am surprised to learn I tested positive. Two, I will find out what I tested positive for. And, three, based on whatever I learn, I will share this information with my club and the public.”


Baseball went after A-Rod because he was an arrogant prick but they ignored several others including Ortiz. They've done that again with Trevor Bauer. Sure, he is also an arrogant prick whom most players dislike. He has long had an ongoing fight with MLB over illegal substances applied to baseballs and they didn't care that he named players or at least implied who some violators were. The same over sign stealing which the commissioner would have brushed under the rug if he could.

In the recent past, MLB has chosen to single out players that question the hypocrisy of the sport. And easy targets who have big mouths. They pay the legal expenses of rule breakers who rat out their targets. They will use as much financial resources as needed to accomplish these goals.

I think Bauer is a scumbag as a person and possibly a deviant. But he has been acquitted of all charges. I hope he fights them tooth and nail. And that a shitload of dirt is exposed about MLB through any litigation.

TheWinWarblist said...

He shoulda. He coulda. He mighta. He woulda. But he just had to see how they throw fish. Whata maroon.