Monday, May 23, 2022

The Variant Is Back...

 The Yankees were the first team in ages to lose both ends of a double header in the modern era. ( Anyone who does research to contradict this will be dealt with harshly ).

They score 1 run in 18 innings.

They did so by hitting one solo HR. 

Our closer ( whom Boone still defends as such ) peed himself.   Wouldn't it be nice if the manager was honest?  And said;" Chappy hasn't been the same in a while.  He starts sweating as soon as he steps on the rubber.  His fastball is like everyone else in our bullpen, and that slider is now like meat waiting to be eaten. I'm going to re-assign him as an inning eater in one-sided games." 

Instead, Boone plays the age-old manager card of, " I don't want to rattle this confidence." And prays that it will make a difference. 

No matter who plays for the Yankees, the big hit doesn't happen.  The rare in-game opportunities to turn things our way results in a pop up or a strike out. 

Then the defense starts to wobble and strange things happen ...not in our favor.  ( See that non -reviewable ground ball hit off the shoe of Henderson for a base hit?).  Why the fuck do we still live in a world where any umpire calls are not reviewable?  Half of their calls are wrong. And now two guys get put on the covid list even though they have not tested positive for covid. What?

So our bullpen now resembles the vegetable offerings of a 7-Eleven, rather than the selections and fresh produce of a Wegman's;  Chad Green is done and dusted ( and he was one of our best ); El Chappy is melting like the ice sculpture in spring;  a potential new arm ( pre-tested last season ) from Scranton has gone missing ( Luis Gil );  Castro has lost confidence ( which cost him his Mets job ) and Leutge throws about 78 mph.  And does anyone really believe King will remain this good?

We have a closer that Boone won't call our closer.  But he does the closing in big moments.  His name is Clay Holmes. 

Baltimore beat us 9-6 last time we met. Leutge got drilled for a three run walk-off dinger. 

Our starting pitching has been great.  And it doesn't matter. We lost two.

The old Yankee failings  have returned like the omicron variant. 


HoraceClarke66 said...

Bottom line: Brian Cashman simply does not believe in depth as a key asset in a 162-game season.

Like a schoolchild, he assumes that every player he acquires will not only—

—turn in his best potential performance, but also

—stay injury free.

No matter how often this blows up in his face, he makes no changes.

Celerino Sanchez said...

Clay Holmes, much like Johnny Holmes, always comes up big!

TheWinWarblist said...

This is all Donaldson's fault. The Masters of JuJu ARE NOT AMUSED.

Wezil1 said...

As I recall, it took John Holmes too long to warm up to pitch in relief.