Saturday, May 28, 2022

Joey Saves. Joey Stays!

I read this morning's El Duque post and the subsequent comments and I totally disagree! 

I think you all miss Joey's true value to the team. 

Sure it would be easy to replace Gallo on either side of the ball... He stinks!

So we get rid of Joey Gallo to gain what? Another 50 points in batting avg? Maybe 15 to 20 HR's? 40-60 RBIs? A better fielder? We don't need those...

Did it ever occur to ANY of you that the reason we have the best record in baseball is that Joey Gallo is our good luck charm?

I want to point out that our google-eyed fuzzy-haired Gumby currently sits on the dashboard of our car and we are on a road trip to Pennantville! 

Need proof?

Every pair of fuzzy dice you see on the road hanging from the rear view mirror of a car is a car that is STILL ON THE ROAD! Do fuzzy dice prevent accidents? It would seem so.

Joey Gallo is our fuzzy dice. Our St. Christopher medal. Our "If you can read this, you are driving too close" bumper sticker.

We need good fortune. Or as Joey would say, "Buena Fortuna!"

Or as he also would say, "I canna no hitta the curve. I canna no hitta the fastaball. I canna no hitta the change up. But I keepa my job so clearly... I hitta the lottery."

Buena Fortuna! 

Joey Stays! 



HoraceClarke66 said...

That's pretty damned funny, Doug!

And sorry to step on you again. I was "running head down," scribbling away, and didn't see you go up.

JM said...

This is great. LOL!!

TheWinWarblist said...

Doug K, you have been killing it!

edb said...

LOL. Doug.