Thursday, May 26, 2022

And so begins the true 2022 season. (Note: It was always about Tampa)

Thus far, the 2022 Yankee season has resembled Syracuse University basketball in the cold month of November: The mighty Orangemen chalk up big victories against the likes of Drexel, Colgate and a selected SUNY Whatever - the Washington Generals of Division I - for a guaranteed fresh start in the Your Name Here Dome. 

As of today, the Yankees have nearly exhausted their allotted Orioles games - winning nine of 13. (We have six left - in late July and early September.) Also, it didn't hurt to lard up against Texas, KC and Detroit - winning seven of nine. 

Now, the fun begins - featuring a depleted bullpen, an injured Giancarlo, a bizarre Joey Gallo, and Aaron Hicks collapsing in every phase of the game. Now, it's Tampa, the team that has haunted our nightmares for as long as you can whisper the ancient prophesy: 

He who releaseth Ji-Man Choi
Shalt never know October joy." 

As joyful as May has been, we remain just a Scott Proctor meltdown from the modern Yankee tradition of spending September in pursuit of the final wild card slot. 

Moreover, the Blue Jays and Redsocks are beginning to wake up. If Memorial Day is the new Opening Day, the gains since April 6 can be nearly wiped out in a weekend.  And  if you're watching closely, you know enough to expect that the Yankees will not go the entire year in first place. Hard times are coming. 

But right now, let's discuss the outfield, which was not long ago being hailed as one of baseball's best.  Of course, Aaron Judge remains so spectacular that - yeesh - we almost question his previous commitment. Did it take looming free agency to make him the game's greatest hitter? But in CF, Hicks, is compiling a highlight reel of bonehead plays. 

The other night, he was picked off second base - a throw that wasn't even close enough for a replay challenge - in a crucial moment against Chicago. If that happens to Tim Locastro or Estevan Florial, they get sent to Scranton for a month. Hicks is too big to fail.   

Last night, boos rained down after he fanned on a ball four - so high it was practically in his eyes - in another key situation. Later, he let a lazy pop fly drop in shallow centerfield, nearly opening the floodgates for the O's. Something's wrong here. These are mental mistakes, and anybody hitting .209 with 1 HR ought not be making them. 

Meanwhile, Gallo returned last night, to the joy of nobody. He went oh-for-three, of course. The Yankees won because Miguel Andujar went 2 for 3, drove in a run, moved the carousel in our lone big inning, and played a solid LF. For his efforts, he might end up back in Scranton, because Cashman's Catastrophe needs 100 more ABs, so theoretically we can experience he real Gallo.

Well, here's two minutes of Gallo bunting to beat over-shifts. Most happened in Texas. Why he doesn't to it in NYC is a mystery, but his strikeouts are killing us, and apparently, the Yankees won't do anything until they're out of first place. And that could happen soon. Enjoy...


JM said...


Because of tweaks and twerps, The Crucible is hereby extended to include this week's games vs. Tampa Bay along with the ENTIRE month of June.

Previously, the games against LosAngelesCaliforniaAnaheim, Detroit, Minnesota, and the Chicago Cubs were not considered part of the official Crucible games. They are now included.

Good tickets are still available.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Wow. He not only bunts, he looks like the best damned bunter on our team.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Did you know that Babe Ruth bunted for a hit? Ten times—in 1921 alone, his greatest all-around season.

The greatest player who ever pulled on the flannels could do this, but not the minions toiling under Cashman's Three True Outcomes regime.

Okay, Brian.

DickAllen said...

Oh, I see your game: you're going all Chicken Little on us today in a cheap attempt to appease the gods.

Let's hope it works.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Yankees are 4.5 games ahead of the DEVIL rays. 4 in the "AILC".

They play the DEVIL rays 4 games starting today.

Be very afraid.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

GAWD, those bunts are sexy,,,, he needs to do THAT more often, and run the clinic for the rest of the Yanks!

ZacharyA said...

Rays through 43 games last year 24-19 (.558)
Rays through 43 games this year 26-17 (.605)

The Rays have been overlooked to this point because of the Yankees' hot start, but they've actually been better so far than the 100-win unit from last year. Scary stuff.

It's a shame we aren't at full strength for this matchup.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Just that glitch against the Lie Sox cost us 2 games in the AILC. This should be...interesting.

AboveAverage said...

I'm keeping to a new routine that I wanted to share with all my friends here.

Every five or six days whilst walking my hounds I repeat the following mantra over and over again - very, very quietly so no one can hear me.

I whisper

nasty nasty nasty
nasty nasty nasty
nasty nasty nasty
nasty NESTOR!"

It rejuvenates one's core

HoraceClarke66 said...

Good to know, AA!

DickAllen said...

Colonoscopy preps are no joke. I've had two already. My prayers for your speedy recovery Bosch.

TheWinWarblist said...

I had the prep for hell last colonoscopy.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Done two myself. And best of luck with the hernia, Bosch. We'll win this series for you.