Saturday, May 14, 2022

Actually, the reason for the Yankee surge is simple...

Sit down. Deep breath. Close your eyes. Relax...

Now, I'm going to say something that might upset you. Some would call it blaspheme. By merely asking this question, I could be accused of treason. As you know, Critical Yankee Theory is banned in the state of Florida. I could be booted off this site. Still, here goes.... 

Is Aaron Boonie... gulp... a genius? 


Hold on, stay down, deep breaths... okay... okay?... You're okay... it's all okay... Nurse Houlihan, administer the sedative...

But I'm serious. Eight weeks into the 2022 season, Aaron Boone's strategy of resting at least one position player each game is... well... working! Ridiculously. It's the most successful move of Boone's Gene Mauch-like managerial career. Donno how long it will last, but everybody looks healthy and happy. Here's a breakdown on the non-breakdowns.

The 2022 Yankees have played 32 games.

Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo have played in 31. 

That's no misprint. They've appeared in 98 percent of the games. 

DJ LeMahieu, Giancarlo Stanton and Gleyber Torres have played in 30. Then comes Josh Donaldson, Joey Gallo and Isiah Kiner-Falefa - with 29. Even Aaron Hicks -who has never met an injury that didn't stay for the long haul - has played 27 games.

This, in a year without a full spring training, when the knowitalls predicted a rain of strains on a lineup generally reputed to be a tweak magnet.

Take Judge, for example. Over his career, he has played 602 games. Let's delete his half-season rookie year - along with 2020, the Covid-shrunken season. Over his five full seasons, Judge has averaged 109 games - 68 percent. 

Then there's Stanton.  His 13-year average - again deleting the Covid season - is 110 games - 69 percent. Amazingly, playing OF - rather than a fulltime DH -seems to have boosted not only his durability, but his bat. 

Here are some totals from last year:

DJ played 150 games.
Rizzo, 141.
Gleyber, 127
Donaldson, (known for his barking calves), 135. 
Aaron Hicks, 32. (His career average: 79 games per year.) 

Aside from - say - Domingo German (and I'm reaching here), the Yankees have not lost a front line player to injuries. 

Is it Boone's strategy of resting his players? Is it the trainer? Is it less polyunsaturated fats? Is it, gulp, luck? 

And is it here to stay?


Mildred Lopez said...

Pokin' a stick at the injury gods

DickAllen said...

32 games.


Boooooone, a genius?

Next thing you'll be telling us that The Intern is a genius for assembling a championship-caliber team!

12 years.


BTR999 said...

Injuries come with the territory in pro sports, especially when a good deal of your roster is 30 and over.
It’s concerning to me that the AAA level is almost completely bereft of MLB ready talent. Hey Wesneski! has been dominant, yet somehow has lost every game he started.

This just in, the invisible man, Ben Rortvedt has vanished again, some sort of knee injury. No word yet on the severity as the team discusses how to lie about the extent of the injury.

AboveAverage said...

Prophet - Oracle - Mystic - Seer - Sage -

Thy name be Boone

No Doom and Gloom

Mo' Broom Mo' Broom

Never Leave the Room

Train and Groom

Mystical Loom


Doug K. said...

Heed Mildred on this one. Poke not the injury gods.

That said, here are four other possible explanations some more likely than others but none the less most likely true.

1) The Demise of the Sanchize

Having an underachieving mope is no fun to be around.

Plus, because the "potential for greatness" is there he disappointed over and over again. It drags a team down. Say what you want about Higgy at the plate but everything he does is considered a bonus.

Add the idea that pitchers know, in the back of their minds, they can't throw their best stuff because it might end up as a passed ball and getting rid of Gary was one of the greatest additions by subtractions of all time.

2) They Added Professional Winners

As much as we liked Gio he was a guy who was lucky to be there and then "happy to stick". Same with Voit.

Donaldson is a hair shirt pain in the ass because he expects to kick butt and expects you to too.

Rizzo seems like a nicer guy but also brings an expectation of excellence. Both are "ballplayers". It sets a tone.

3) Gleyber Had A Baby.

He's a man now. Responsibilities. Something to play for.

And most importantly...

4) Aaron Judge's Girlfriend Is Now His Wife!

There's always a drop off in sex after marriage. Maybe she no longer pounds him on the chest during coitus.

She totally bruised his ribs last season. We all know it.

There you go...

JM said...

Aaron Boone: not a goon?
Though he looks like a 'toon?
And he makes Cashman swoon?

We will know and know soon.
From New York to Kowloon.
As we approach our High Noon.
In the Tampa balloon.

HoraceClarke66 said...

I think those are all pretty brilliant explanations, Doug.

And Duque, what are you doing? Why not just paint big, colorful targets on our boys' heads? Why not just run out on the field and tweak their hamstrings yourself???

And Biceptvedt is hurt again. Huh. Maybe somebody should inform him what sport he's actually playing.

AboveAverage said...

Hit Strikes Hard
Watch 'em leave the Yard
on the back of his Card

They shouldn't have to grapple
to keep him in the Big Apple
who cares if he stays healthy
we'll make him really wealthy

No one can truly feel the
sorrow that we bear
but it may help somewhat
to show us that you care

Rally after Rally
Don't trade him out to Cali
Nudge, Nudge, Nudge
Give Judge his Fudge
Or . . . not

edb said...

Bravo to Manager Kumbaya.

The Archangel said...

Every SINGLE INJURY from this post forward is exclusively your Fault.

How can you use the words "Boone" and "genius" in the same sentence, even paragraph, without a "not" of some kind?
You will be the Medusa of all Yankeedom.

Actually, I think that Cressy (sp?) has a lot to do with it.

Doug K. said...

A Haiku

Blind squirrel finds a nut.
The snow falls deep into May.
Boone is a genius.

Alphonso said...

I think you nailed it this time, Duque.

ranger_lp said...

A simple reminder that games at the beginning of the season count just as much as games at the end of the season. But it does help that a team peaks at the end of the season...

Doug K. said...

Just heard John Sterling say,

"If you suffer from joint pain you need a doctor who eats, sleeps and breathes joints."

Sometimes the jokes write themselves.

Kevin said...

Someone call the police. Duque is obviously a hostage.

Carl J. Weitz said...

Moe says: "That's okay, Duque, anyone can make a mistake."

Poke, smack, slap.

" One more slip up like that and I'm gonna murderlize go on, get busy!"

"Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk."

HoraceClarke66 said...

And of course, Joey's back to his old, un-clutch ways...

HoraceClarke66 said...

A small digression: I love Liev Schreiber as an actor. But I despise those stupid helicopter ads he does.

—A helicopter is not a rocket ship.

—Sending incredibly brave men to the moon is not like sending some thoughtless rich fuck out to the Hamptons.

—Who the #!@% wants a fucking helicopter whirling around all the time???

Bad mojo, Liev,

AboveAverage said...

It is just the long-lasting after effects of Covid. Duque will be fine in 21 weeks. You'll see.

JM said...

Doug, I've heard that Sterling promo before. It cracked me up then, and still does.

As soon as I saw Kelly come in, I figured we had a good shot. Mr. Reliable.

JM said...

Great. Now Stanton is out of the game and we have Hicks.

Well, maybe it won't matter.

Kevin said...

Terrible, terrible play by IFK. Had he stayed put Judge would have gotten his AB. These guys play thousands of games in their lifetime, but still can't think ahead.

JM said...

Fucking Chapman. Can't handle having a runner on base. What a head case.

JM said...

Hate that asshole.

DickAllen said...

Let us not sing the praises of allegedly famous men.

The baseball gods have ears.

BTR999 said...

That smirking, vulpine abuser. I despise him more than a dozen Gallos!
He’s been walking guys like crazy all year.
If we re-sign him next year, I’ll go crazy! I will!

AboveAverage said...

what do we do then?

DickAllen said...

Chapman was due for a blow.

RISP failure once again. Source of constant amusement.

When the big boppers don't bop, Boone doesn't look like such a genius.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Weak point no. 1: Chapman. But we knew that.

Kevin is right: a terrible play by Falafel. It's good to be aggressive, but...

AboveAverage said...

Humans being Humans OR End of Days?

Kevin said...

I thought that CHAPPIE was to be used in non save situations to keep him sharp. It's been pretty obvious for a long time that his control goes when he's too rested. What happened to that plan? I still believe that BOONE is too inflexible of a manager (or the else the front office).

Kevin said...

BTW, I haven't seen any reports of Rosveldts (sp?) setbacks or further injury. Anyone know the scoop?

The Archangel said...

Rosie has a bad knee now. We are not given anymore further info, other than,"it's a setback."

Kevin said...

THX, I guess he'll never play a game for the Yankees.