Sunday, May 15, 2022

Gritty comeback and tough loss: The ones that get away are the ones that haunt

Okay, short and sweet. A rough night. El Chapo blew one. He hasn't been a sure thing for four years now, and he never will be again.

But but BUT... closers aren't what they used to be.

Moments earlier, we scored on their closer, and a few days ago, we blew up Toronto's unstoppable stopper, Jordan Romano.

The season thus far is a collection of buts... buts... BUTS... 

1. We have the best record in baseball, hands down, but but BUT... remain the second most popular team in NYC.

2. We have the best bullpen in baseball, but but BUT... our closer is capable of blowing any lead.

3. We have won despite getting practically nothing from our leftfielder, (pictured at right), but but BUT... we have no LH bat to replace him. 

4. Overall, we have a solid defense, but but BUT... our SS is in what Aaron Boone calls "a fielding slump." Also, last night, his baserunning error - something the 2022 Yankees had, until now, avoided - killed a potential big inning.

5. We have arguably the game's biggest breakout pitcher (Nestor Cortez)... but but BUT... it's only May, and a small sample size.

6. We have not suffered any major injuries, but but BUT... it's hard to imagine that they won't be coming.

7. Aaron Judge may be having his career year, but but BUT... the more he hits, the more attention will be placed on his future with the Yankees.

8. Our pitching depth extends into the minors, but but BUT... our highly touted positional prospects have been disappointing. 

9. Boston has collapsed and Toronto is in turmoil, but but BUT... the Rays remain in striking distance, and they are still the team to beat in the AL East.

10. It looks like we will go the entire season with defense-only catchers, but but BUT... they are still an improvement over Gary Sanchez. 


Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

NOT seeing Scary Gary put a futile wave at (a) pitches he might have caught, and (b) at the plate, pitches he could not hit -- is the major achievement of the NYYs so far.

With him gone, I can almost enjoy the games!

edb said...

Where was Falafa going. Manager Kumbaya needs to speak to him. He was in scoring position. Blow a game Falafa, is what he is. There are better options for closer, bur The Yankees are now in the "we Pay Him, We Play Him," Wilpons thinking.

JM said...

I've been strongly anti-Gallo, but his improvement at the plate is something I have to notice. Not convinced yet, but he's raised his average significantly. Unfortunately, with his uppercut swing, I remain skeptical. It's too easy to pitch around, as we saw last night.

I'm not that down on Falafel's attempt to get to third. Just kind of. Logical to think they'd try to keep the run from scoring, but the throw was just weak enough that they didn't. Still, not a great spot for aggressive base running.

Chapman is a head case, and as my wife said last night, he always has been. He shouldn't be our closer ina one or two run game, and certainly not when we're tied.

Boone may not be a genius after all.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Yeah, when you're a hitter with Falafel's limitations, the rest of your game has to be rock-solid, and consistent.

There's no such thing as a "fielding slump," and certainly not a "mental slump."

And no, this team will not win a World Series with Torrents Chapman on the mound. He cannot be the closer.

Oh, and Gallo still stinks.

JM said...

I keep thinking of the post I read somewhere about Falafel. That he's an excellent third baseman but not that hot as a shortstop. We were sold the idea that he would "improve" the defense, but we know anything out of the front office is bullshit. Still, it's only May. I'm not ready to call for his head. Or Gallo's. I'll save my voice for mid to late June.

TheWinWarblist said...

My butt cheese would have been an improvement over Gary Sanchez.

DickAllen said...

You have to give The Intern credit:

He gives us a whipping boy every year. It's as much a specialty as his ability to find bargains at Goodwill. But every time he finds a slightly used set of dishes, they always wind up back on the shelf. Sooner rather than later.

I don't miss Sanchez, who was the BIGGEST disappointment of my fandom, but now that I have Gallows to abuse, I feel much better.

JM said...

Falafel is probably hitting .280 after that single. I'll forgive him his self-described bonehead play yesterday. No power, but we have our share of that already.

Now two outs, based loaded, and....Hicks. Yuck.

JM said...

Sanchez can't hit with Minnesota, neither can Gio. Glad to be rid of Ice Cream II like everyone else.

JM said...

Kopech not earning his shekels.

DickAllen said...

Now that's how you play winning small ball - four walks and a wild pitch.

DickAllen said...

Luke Voit is not happening much in San Diego.

And lo and behold, Robbie Cano actually found a landing spot there as well. He's 0 for the season. How the mighty have fallen.

JM said...

That's for sure.

I wonder how long they'll keep running the commercial with the kid who needs a kidney? She has to either have one by now or the sad other outcome.

I was sick of seeing it last season, and even moreso now.

DickAllen said...

JM, that makes four true outcomes.

ranger_lp said...

Nestor with another great outing…

Mildred Lopez said...

Cortes is one of the easiest Yankees to root for that I've ever rooted for. If that makes sense.

JM said...

I'm glad his kidneys are okay.

ranger_lp said...

Three Outcome Joey!!!

DickAllen said...

And in other big news:

The Yankees signed Danny Salazar to a Minor League deal on Friday. Salazar has pitched in just one game since 2018

The Intern keeps knocking it out of the park

ranger_lp said...

Yankees Win!!!

DickAllen said...

Salazar pitched 4.5 innings in 2017 and made 4.5 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!

JM said...

Not on TV. It lagged the radio broadcast badly. Never saw it so far behind real time.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

2 hours and 32 minutes. When was the last time *that* happened?

HoraceClarke66 said...

But, you know, we didn't have to suffer through Torrents, so next time out he'll be unable to regain any control.

Bern Baby Bern said...

"BUT... remain the second most popular team in NYC."

I assume this statement is an aspect of the juju strategy.

One of the most interesting aspects of NY baseball is how much Mets fans care about their team's popularity relative to the Yankees. It's as if it's what matters to them most. It's vital for them to recall days when they were apparently more popular. And they are eager to make that claim at any moment, regardless of the absence of any evidence.

Conversely, some Yankees fans are also eager to recall days of Mets popularity, while not inclined to mention how much more popular the Yankees are.

Anyway, the Yankees have absolutely dominated the Mets in terms of NY popularity for 3 decades. By no objective measure has it been even close. And a bit of hot start for the first couple of weeks of 2022 of course did nothing to change that. The Yankees are the bigger team with the bigger name with a substantially larger fan base. That the Yankees also have a substantial number of haters in New York (primarily Mets fans, as well as those of any other team) tends to confuse people regarding their popularity. It has never been the case when 2 teams share a city that the one whose franchise value is less than 50% that of the other is more popular.

Like I said, I have to assume this is an aspect of the juju strategy.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Yeah, I think you're right, BBB.

The old saying used to always be, "New York is a National League town"...whatever that meant. Primarily, I think that you had two NL teams here, that used to play each other 22 times a year. But even back in the day—after Ruth showed up, at least—the Yanks usually finished first in the city in attendance.

The big Mets eras were, of course, basically 1965-1975, and then 1984-1992—the last one ending 30 years ago, as you say. That seems to be on the verge of changing...but who knows?

The Archangel said...

There is another baseball team in NYC?
I thought that they left in the middle of the night for Cali?

Learn something new everyday.

Bern Baby Bern said...

Horace, maybe that "New York is a National League town" business was concocted by bitter Brooklyn Dodger fans. It was the best they could come up with in response to losing the World Series every year. The fact is even in that great 1951 NL season, Yankees attendance was almost as much as the combined attendance of the Dodgers and Giants.

You say, "That seems to be on the verge of changing." On what basis? What's the evidence for that? Obviously, the Mets have a large and enthusiastic fan base that gets excited when they're doing well. So what? So, do the Nets. They have lots of fans, have been much more successful than the Knicks, and have 2 superstars on their team. Heck, they even had a bevy of celebrities turn out to watch them lose in the playoffs. None of that, however, changes the reality that the Knicks own New York. Same is true in terms of Yankees and Mets. Granted, the Mets are a bigger NY team than the Nets (though Nets franchise value exceeds Mets), but so are the Yankees relative to the Knicks.