Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Redsocks’ crusade: “Money for nuthin, and chicks for free.”

“It's not just the coaches, it's the staff, the trainers, a lot of people are affected by this.”

Beloved Redsock coaches and staff will receive a $40,000 stipend for their grueling all-expenses paid week in Japan. Thank God.

You’d hate to think the players had to fork over for their entourages.

And considering that two superstars of the Redsock Nation – Gyroball and Okinawa -- come from Japan, it must been a heartening vote of brotherhood to hear Youk say, “Fuck you, Tojo, I want Charlene to get full pay, ‘cause I need my second-inning rimjob.”

Maybe this is what happens when players become rock stars in a universe designed by frat boys.

Maybe this is what happens when at age 24, after clubbing 2 homeruns at Pawtucket, you end up in Men’s Vogue, bare-chested and shining like a Wendy’s Hot Meal.

Maybe this is what happens when your self-appointed team leader is reciting Rush Limbaugh podcasts while dodging MRI appointments on his arm.

The Redsocks spake, the earth provided, and it’s being spun as a sign of team unity.

Yeah. Money has always been a unifying force.

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