Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hughes Startles Baseball World

The eyes of the world have focused on phenom Phil Hughes.

Last night, in Tampa, Florida, we learned why there are " several voices who believe Phil Hughes is better than Kennedy or Chamberlain."

And we aren't talking comparisons with political luminaries. Just young pitching prospects.

It is now a recorded fact that in five innings against the Phillies, Phil only gave up 3 runs.

This may become a new standard for excellence in MLB.

To my mind, it shows that Cashman made the right choice in staying away from the Johan deal. Three runs in five innings is just extraordinary.

To my eyes, this is a can't miss prospect. A shoe-in for Cooperstown.

Think of it. Only three runs for every five innings pitched. The sky is the limit.

This guy will have an ERA well under 10.00 for the 2008 season. Count on it.

Only Matt Desalvo came close to such a performance once in Spring Training ( 3 runs in four innings), before he had to have arm surgery.

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