Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mattingly: "Naked" guys; Tony Clark; Wickman craves a yelling

From Michael K's show, via Newsday, courtesty of NSA wiretap.

It's CAPTAIN'S CORNER, which features Captains Jeet, Mattingly, Harry Carson, Mike Eruzione, Kirk, America and Kangaroo.


"There’s a saying for me in the locker room, “Guys are naked.” And not just “naked” but, you see their personality, you see them inside and out, you know what a guy’s all about when you see them in the locker room."

"There’s lots of guys that I played with that were leaders in all areas, but there’s a guy, and “Jete” knows him too, and I think this guy is a total leader: Tony Clark. Tony Clark was on that 2004 team. This is a man, for me. He will stand up, he will say what needs to be said, he’s not afraid to speak up, he does the right thing; this guy’s a leader."

"You know who liked to be yelled at? Wickman. Bob Wickman."

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I'm Bill White said...

And let me be clear -- I'm not just saying this because Clark was hung like a mastadon. Because he was. But. That's not the point. The guy could flat-out lead. And he was. Tall.