Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sold! Yankee Stadium on QVC

Quick. You've got a few minutes. Grab that remote and settle into the easy chair.

The Yankees kick off the "Farewell to the Cathedral" season at Yankee Stadium ...

.. on QVC.

Yep. Didn't even wait for Opening Day. It's a live broadcast from the baseball shrine. A "Yankee Stadium. The Farewell Season" two-hour sale-a-thon.

They're tearing down the greatest sports stadium in the world. But not before they can sell you something from it.

I'm already sick of the "new" Yankee Stadium, and they ain't even opened it yet. The $1.3 billion price tag. The $2,500 seats. The luxury boxes. The fucking concierge service!

But until the shiny happy new park is opened, they'll be content to sell our memories back to us. The first glimpse most of us will get of Yankee Stadium this year won't be Opening Day, but on a shopping network with some QVC shill fawning over Goose Gossage while telling us that all true fans will want this special limited-edition-certified-branded-official autographed something-or-other for just $249.99, plus shipping and handling.

Get ready for the marketing campaign from hell. This is just the beginning. They're going to milk every penny out of this Stadium that they can over the course of the next year before they tear it down like an old Ames store. Then, they'll bottle up the construction dust and sell that. Probably on QVC.

It's a hell of a way for the Shrine to go out.


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For what it's worth, I will have more fond memories of Ames than I will of Yankee Stadium.