Thursday, March 27, 2008

Maybe Just Go With "Best Wishes" Next Time, Brian

Personalized autographs are nothing new.

Just ask Jack Hare, the world's champion globe-trotting fighter.

But, Jaysus, Mr. McNamee -- maybe ditch the clumsy "A lifetime of achievements can be defined by a singular monumental mistake" next time.

A simple "Best Wishes" ought to do.

Or follow Hare's lead and go with the dated but polite "Yours Faithfully."


Anonymous said...

"Brian's Buddies"?

Stang said...

There were no Brian MacNamees back in Jack Hare's day. Hare's trainers spared his constitution such feminizing influences as water and vegetables, monitored his intake of flat ale, and consulted not the apothecarist but the phrenologist. And they molded a champion!

Anonymous said...

How about, "No, really, I can drive."