Thursday, March 27, 2008

Matsui Weds !!!

Hideki Matsui won the bet with Derek and Bobby Abreu on which of these three bachelors on the prowl would first marry.
Hideki snuck off to Manhattan yesterday and tied a knot.
Eliot Spitzer, Gov. MCGreavy and two unnamed partners of the former Governors' stood by his side. Jose Conseco's wife attended, and " flashed " as she sang the Japanese Wedding march, but the famous author himself was in Amarillo working on his bike.

There is great mystery as to who the bride is. Hideki did hold up a pencil sketch of her, but that was not enough to satisfy this intrepid reporter or the fans and followers of " It is High..."

Above are some key photos from the wedding ceremony and, for the right amount I will reveal which is the new Mrs. M.
As a special bonus, I will pay $500 US for the person who correctly identifies Alphonso in the top photo.


Anonymous said...

Hmm... I can't tell if the Fonz is middle row all the way to the right, or the one smack dab in the middle.

Anonymous said...

holy cow, Matsui married a piece of paper!