Friday, March 21, 2008

Peter Angelos: Our man in Baltimore

Orioles owner Peter Angelos – the man who recently donated Miguel Tejada to the Astros for a sore-shouldered pitcher, who signed Albert “Trick or Treat” Belle for 5-years, who supervised Baltimore’s worst era for baseball since Dick Nixon was stroking Checkers’ furry ears -- is backing Hillary Clinton.

Bet the house on Barack Obama.

When you hear the phrase “slick lawyer,” try to imagine Angelos -- the Isaiah Thomas of baseball -- standing in court, telling a mesmerized jury that, “An institution none other than the United States Postal System considers this man to be Santa Claus!” because frankly, you wouldn’t want this bozo defending you for a parking ticket. You’d end up being water-boarded at Gitmo.

Here, Exhibit A is the A’s, as in Oakland A’s, who have won division crowns while spending less money than Angelos does on crab dip. It was against mighty Baltimore, the perennial power, that 12-year-old Jeffrey Maier seized the home run ball from Tony Tarasco’s outstretched mitt. Yeesh. By now, Maier might have a 12-year-old kid, and Baltimore hasn’t even come close to playing a game on Oct. 10.

What’s really scary, if you happen to be a union member, is the notion that Angelos is a successful “labor attorney.” Somehow, the guy who last year signed Corky Sosa– a homerun-hitter known for butt and bat injections! – amassed enough money to buy a ball club.

Basically, he did to the labor movement what he's done to Camden Yards.

If there was ever a reason to believe class war conspiracy theories... Noam, meet Pete!

Now, he’s backing Hillary?

By June, she’ll be undergoing Tommy John surgery.

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