Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bostonians Begin to Flee Nation

This unnamed red sox fan is shown packing for his re-location to the lower east side of Manhattan.

He has abandoned " red sox" nation for a job at Bear Stearns.

After "prepping" at Harvard and selling weiners at Fenway for two years, he has had enough with "Red Sox Nation."

"The Red Sox sell lousy hotdogs, and use that girly yellow mustard. I couldn't take it any more. And now they are going to Japan for opening day."

We caught up with him as he loaded his cardboard boxes onto the roof of his his two door Hyundi.

I had to speak to him through a megaphone because I was then standing on the MIT side of the Charles and he was on the Harvard side.

" So you are dumping all your years of Red Sox nation brainwashing because of lousy mustard?"

" It's not just that. the fans are pernicious, he screamed."

"By the way, how do I get to the other side of the river, he asked ?

" You are on the other side of the river, numnutz," I replied.

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