Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ray of Hope: Karstens hurt, but not from line drive

Ahhh, spring!

That time of year to savor freshly cut grass, the chirping of birds, and the crack of bone when a line drive hits Jeff Karstens. (Or is it Rasner, I forget?)

Anyway, this spring is slightly different.

As Ed Price notes, Jeff pulled his groin today. A tweaked muscle got him before Dustin Pedroia's bat had the chance.

Evidently, this creates an opening for Darrel Rasner to get whacked by a batted ball.

Wait a minute: Have we done this before?

Also, Kei Igawa got into the act today.

No, he didn't play goalie with his ribs.

He just got totally smacked around. Four runs, five hits, three walks, 10 outs.

Later, Girardi claimed Kei pitched better than the numbers show.

Wow. Japanese baseball must be worse than we thought.

And, just maybe, we are worse than we thought.


Anonymous said...

From faraway, Igawa and Karstens both look alike. The most distinguishing feature on both of them is their huge open mouth, with buck teeth sticking out. Can you imagine if they were called in during the Cleveland series instead of Joba?

Wailin' Suzyn said...

You don't say.

Anonymous said...

I do say. Nice woody word. Not titty. Wear this to the next game.

Anonymous said...

Joe has not been biased in his assessment of Yankee pitching performances this spring.

Doesn't matter if you are from Japan, Taiwan, Southern Mexico's Independent League, or Pottersville, Pennsylvania; Joe is praising everyone who only gives up 4 runs within a 3+ to 5 inning stint.

We are in for one hell of a run.

I can feel it.

P.S. I'm letting my beard grow again. Too many photo ops and too many shotgun ( or is it Shogun? ) wedding parties have gotten me down.