Monday, March 31, 2008


This sucks and I hate it.

You know, the Mariners' Safeco Field has a retractable roof. They play today no matter what. And NYC actually gets more rain than Seattle in summer. And we're putting up a new damn stadium with vodka saunas, solid gold bidets and liveried sex workers. But no retractable roof. SO: we will keep having more days like today from now until the end of time.


Anonymous said...

Fear not Prince Frankenstein, I heard Stubby is now demanding a retractable roof to be paid by Spitzer's newly freed up slush fund or else he'll move the team to Jersey.

Stang (Short for Mustang) said...

Since the Mariners-Rangers game started two hours ago, we've had rain, snow and hail. But that didn't stop the Ms ace, Erik Bedard, from hurling a princely 5 innings before leaving the game with a 1-0 deficit. This year's Mariner bullpen gets an early start to the trauma ward.
That's what a roof gives you.

Stang (Short for Mustang) said...

I know you care: the Ms just opened up a can of fuck you on TX. Seattle 5, Losers 1 after 7.

Stang (Short for Mustang) said...

Why do I think Ms updates belong on a NYY blog? Because they actually play games. Thanks, roof!

Anonymous said...


Nobody cares about your little West Coast team.

There is only one true West Coast team, and it is run by Mr. Joseph Torre.

You may think you're following baseball. Well, you're not.

You're living a lie, SuperFrankenstein.

Living. A. Lie.

Stang (Short for Mustang) said...

When our team plays a ballgame, you can talk. In the meantime... Hey, Putz is mowin em down!