Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Why Are You Here?

You should be at the comic book store buying two copies of THE FLASH, written by a member of this blog. Me. If you must know.


Anonymous said...


Couldn't you try to work a Yankee reference into this?

Such as:

"Flashback: Flash Gordon, Yank Reliever"

Hey, you should "Flash" to the market to hit a "Melky" two-bagger and see if the Yanks keep Brett Gardner, the speed-demon.

Anonymous said...

I bought one and suggest that everyone else on earth buy one, too.

This is serious business. No jokes.

Anonymous said...

I hear it's a fast read.

Like Homer Bush.

Wailin' Suzyn said...

When does the Ironman movie come out? I was all about Ironman when I was a kid.


Oh, and Gordon Flash. Love that, too.

Um, I mean, Flash Gordon!

Anonymous said...

I know a parish priest in Queens who has outfits like this for all his favorite altar boys.