Thursday, March 13, 2008

Suzyn Waldman spotted in Tampa


Anonymous said...

All right. Enough of this Hillary Clinton/Elliot Spitzer shit.

This is a Yankee blog. Dammit. A Yankee blog.

Right now, there's a redhot battle shaping up over whether Billy Traber is going to beat out Sean Henn for the situational lefty in the bullpen, and YOU FOOLS think anybody in the world cares about Spitzer. He is the past. He is yesterday's meatloaf. Understand? He doesn't matter. What matters is who is going to come in from the bullpen and pitch to big Pappi with the bases loaded and nobody out? And will Brian Bruney get his control back? Are any of you dealing with the question of whether Brian Bruney is getting his control back? You all make me sick. Brian Bruney is struggling with his control, although he pitched relatively well today. But where was the comment from you people. You were talking about Supergrass and Elliot Spitzer.

Get with the program.

Wailin' Suzyn said...

I thought the Supergrass entry was a very thoughtful metaphor relating to Brian Bruney's lonely search for control in a world plagued by chaos and uncertainty.


Don't you agree, Prince?


Has the acid worn off yet?



Stang said...

Look, I’m over there now! My hair is green, I’m a tree!

Stang said...

Also: you ought to front-page that rant, duque. It's right on.

Anonymous said...

I didn't want to hang our dirty laundry out in front of the world. I just figured that Mr. Torre would call a team meeting and, behind closed doors, we would settle some scores.

Sorry I had to call you out, old chum. But a bloody lip is better than a year of hitting .234.

Wailin' Suzyn said...

And, while you guys are playing kissy face, we still don't know squat about Situation Bruney.

Ready to get back in the game boys?

Anonymous said...

Don't smartmouth me, Suzyn.

We know who are Yankee fans, and we know who are Twins fans.

At some point, there's going to be bloodletting, and we'll see who pumps midnight blue, and who pumps Blo-Pops blue.

We. Will. See.

Anonymous said...

The only politics we need to deal with is with Boston and possibly Tampa. The rest of it should be used sparingly, in my humble opinion.

Unless someone gets caught putting his wienie where it doesn't belong. Then, go for it.

But until then, uh uh.