Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Red Sox Fans Plan Team Reception at Logan

In only a few days, Boston nation's beloved "Sawk" will return from Tokyo and resume defense of their second championship.

This roving reporter stumbled upon the preparations of an enthusiastic group of Fenway season ticket holders, as they prepare a traditional hometown welcome home for the team at Logan airport.

" This will go down just great with a keg of Sam Adams Lager," mentioned the red-shirted ring leader.

Throw on a little tobasco and some parsley, and we have a championship feast for Jacoby and all his pals. We'll hand them each an intestine as they descend from the plane, and then the partying will begin. "

"It's great to finally be on top, so we can show the world the true class and character of the Boston fan."


Anonymous said...

Mmmm-mmm. Sausage.

Anonymous said...

Red socks fans can afford Sam Adams?

Wailin' Suzyn said...

Can you guys please post a little more so this stupid disembowled pig photo will GO AWAY?