Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mitt Romney demands Youkilis apologize for beating Redsocks

WASHINGTON _ GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney today demanded an "absolute and swift apology" from Barack Obama's new surrogate, Kevin Youkilis, for the player's recent personal attacks on the Redsocks.

"They (Obama and Youkilis) should be ashamed of themselves," Romney said. "I expect a complete and heartful apology, plus a retraction of the game-winning home run and a promise that Youkilis will never do it again. And I mean never."

Youkilis, traded to Obama's White Sox, homered earlier this week to beat his former team. Romney blamed the President.

"This is not the conduct of an American League Central pennant-contender, and I intend to hold them accountable, especially if he refuses to apologize. If he keeps it up, he will owe me two apologies." 

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