Monday, July 23, 2012

A Glimpse Into The Future

I simply want to announce that what you witnessed in Oakland, during the past 4 days, is what you will see again if the Yankees do make the playoffs.  It was a " live and in color" forecast of this team's future in October.

The naked truth is, and has been all year, we cannot beat quality pitching and a hot team.

Maybe no one can.

But we don't have any "energizers" who can get us over the hump.

If the old guys don't hit home runs with runners on base, if we don't score 6 or 7 runs minimum, we are not going to win.

The Angels have the new Mickey Mantle, the Red socks have their hot third baseman rookie, the A's have the Cuban defector we would not pony up for, and we have Nix and Wise.  Neither of whom is either young or a threat, given the quality of pitchers in the playoffs.

We have the same old crew, and each game they grow older, slower, and not as sharp in the field or at the plate.  They can still be dangerous, as we have seen.  But not when it really matters. Not when their dwindling energy is tapped out.

And there is no cavalry to sweep down over the hill, bugles wailing and stanchions fluttering in the wind, to save this team from the ambush we see straight ahead.

There is only Nunez, Cervelli, and Brandon Laird.

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